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VP Gaming
The Very Perfect Royal State 007 ™️A.J.
A Free Twitter Promotion Community
by @The VP Royal State
VP GAMING a.k.a. - The Very Perfect Royal State 007™️A.J. is a free promotion/community on Twitter. Viewed as a Kingdom. Everything gets supported from gaming, to family vlogging. Content creators receive promotion, good community and a foundation as committed to helping them as they are themselves. You are likely to meet the head, Victoria (Victory)… As she gives everyone an inside look into herself and her life. As her team help her make sure the content gets promoted in the best way possible. The Very Perfect Royal State is Canadian ran. Although, Victory’s best friend who is an American is a key factor in making sure everything is ran correctly. Everyone brings a journey with them, The Very Perfect Royal State invests in each. No matter race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, Religion or cultural background and identity… EVERYONE IS WELCOMED!!!! They also team up with some lovely Fierce individuals often, and many other wonderful communities! #TVPRS #Promotion
Follow them on Twitter: Twitter.com/TheVPRoyalState
(DISCLAIMER: VP Gaming / The Very Perfect Royal State 007™️A.J. has no affiliation with 007, or the Movie)
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Post in Steam Battles
Winner is @Not Logan for this awesome first Member Vs Member Battle! 

DunkMasterDa VS Not Logan
Our First Battle between members
@DunkMasterDa VS @Not Logan 
Playing Rocket League! 6pm 5/20/19
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Chilling in Destiny 2
Playing with friends raiding 
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Definition of "Gaming Community"
We would like to know what your definition of the Term "Gaming Community"?
This is not a judgement topic or debate, it's a matter of opinion to help others understand, what they thought, and future reference
Please state your honest opinion, and no matter the answer, your still Family as long as your active with the Family, so don't be shy, let's talk 
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Styles got me a BIG surprise
So one of my viewers came to stay with me on holiday he has been a subscriber from the very start of my streaming career so we have grown close and while up here he got to know my family, got to know my wife who is pregnant and then decided to do this...
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Are the Driver games any good?
Are the Driver games any good?
Join in on the Poll and leave your Thoughts
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Do gamers today seem to generally have low standards?
Do gamers today seem to generally have low standards? 
And i mean this towards Games, Game Companies?
My answer is yes, they tend to go towards Games with good graphics?
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Red Dead Update
SO RDR just got a major update adding poker, new modes and many bug fixes to the game.
I have not played any of this since the update the other day (Will do this weekend) and I am just wondering your thoughts on the update.
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Flora Shirts and Big City Slams
Taking care of Business as always 
Remember to subscribe at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg13WFQ9vb1nGElTGuxq5zw?view_as=subscriber
Have a great day 
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Retinue Retards
None of us could drive this poor little car...
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Support Their Community & Content at:
15AFAME Community & Content
15AFAME is an active support community & WebSeries on YouTube & Twitch which is fully dedicated to promoting various Streamers & indie creators across all platforms.
The Community Founder & Owner is: @SteveCourtney79

Follow their Community:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/15AFAME
Twitter: https://twitter.com/15AFAME_
Twitch: https://twitch.tv/15afame 
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21/2/33 Veigar Aram
YouTube Link- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWK_oB5wYuph25P5pNXJ7nQ?view_as=subscriber
Deleting people like I found the infinity stones. But unlike Thanos, this team can not time travel so victory was mine. 
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17/2/23 Lux Aram
YouTube Link- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWK_oB5wYuph25P5pNXJ7nQ?view_as=subscriber
Killed it with Lux for the first win of the day.
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2 Bro's vs the World
YouTube- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWK_oB5wYuph25P5pNXJ7nQ?view_as=subscriber
Watch @Not Logan and I survive as a 2 man team through Apex Legends.
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Old Married Gamers
So my friend @Dodge amd I have started a podcast (not sure if I already posted this), but anyway, episode 2 is out and worth a listen
Give us your thoughts or suggestions for a topic to discuss
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Apex With the Boys
Multiple Apex Wins #Slaps 

YouTuber Spotlight 1
This Weeks YouTuber Spotlight
#YouTube Channel & Content
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Season 3 Premiere, Vape Review May 2019 | Zero Hayabusa Reviews Episode XVII
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FaZe vs Luminosity Controversy at CWL London
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Feeding Koi
Me feeding some Koi fish
#YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8KmWniWtM1Y6LcdlGRd8QA
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Review Of my bang & olfusen earphones
A short review of my main earphones for music so glad l was able to find them
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YouTuber Spotlight
This new feature is another way to give back to the community and members, by randomly picking a YouTuber that is a registered member to showcase them. Each week a new member will be randomly picked, from Videos being posted on the website
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2nd Computer Build
Youtube Link- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWK_oB5wYuph25P5pNXJ7nQ?view_as=subscriber
Months after my buddy and I built his PC we finally got to sit down and review it. Thanks @Fierce| AlmightyParadigm for taking the time and this build was a lot of fun for me.
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Resident Evil 4 #3
Okay, so in this video, i've covered a lot of stuff lol. You'll just have to watch just to find out hehehe.
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