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  2. This is awesome, great article! Looking forward to more
  3. FGN JOINS XILED SYNDICATE AFFILIATES: On behalf of the XS news team it has been my privilege and honor to have been able to get the inside scoop on the most recent happenings within XS. Well I’ve done just that but this time I was able to speak with the new affiliate of Xiled Syndicate the founder of FGN or Fierce Gaming Network. While we heard from Mr. XGN I rushed over to speak with the founding father FGN FierceGod XS to get his side of the story. So without further ado ladies and gentlemen may I present to you FGN FierceGod XS on becoming our affiliate: XGN Empress VII - What does FGN stand for? Fierce God - “Fierce gaming network” XGN Empress VII - When was FGN created? Fierce God - “02/05/2017” XGN Empress VII - why was it created? Fierce God - “To be able to give talented hard working gamers and creators to get together in one place that is safe structured and organized. As well as to game to show off their gaming skills and teamwork” 4: how did you hear about XS and what prompted the initial contact? “I heard about XS through the gaming grapevine. It was being spoken about in game lobbies in the most honorable and respectful way which drew our attention to it. Upon doing research we saw that we could contribute in the movement that was already started.” XGN Empress VII - Who initially brought up the possibility of being affiliates and why? Fierce God - “I approached mr. XGN through his newly founded project that was just starting off called clan helper llc. We approached mr. XGN to possibly join the XS movement because we knew that this would be able to help us in our plans of becoming a successful community. Not only helping but also allowing us to contribute to adding more safe places for our hard working members.” XGN Empress VII - How has XS been able to contribute to you’re growth as a community? Fierce God - “XS has allowed us to do a restructuring of our members to filter out negativity and help structure the community in a more positive manner to make a greater impact on what we are currently trying to achieve.” XGN Empress VII - What are your goals for the future of FGN? Fierce God - “One major goal is to take it one day at a time to be better than what we were when we started our journey.” XGN Empress VII - How long did it take to create FGN? Fierce God“It took about 6 months to finalize what FGN was about and what we hoped it would be in the future through hard work and dedication.” XGN Empress VII - what are things you’d like for us to know about you and FGN as a whole? Fierce God - “The founder and community as a whole are hard working and dedicated individuals with the determination to be able to show everyone what a true community is about.” XGN Empress VII - is there any last thoughts/advice you’d like to leave us with? Fierce God - “Never give up on what you’re hearts dreams and goals are. Use the negativity as a motivational tool to be able to further yourself and what you want to achieve. FGN community is honored and humbled to be able to contribute and grow within XS. We hope to continue to work alongside each community and member to build a safe haven for those who seek something greater than themselves. Our main goal is to show others that no matter the obstacles we are here to stay.” With that being said guys I can’t imagine anything more amazing than having yet another community join the XS ranks! We look forward to seeing you around gaming and becoming great friends. If you our readers see any of these wonderful FGN members be sure to welcome them and show them what being in Xiled Syndicate means! We are truly glad to have all of you among us. So once again welcome to the family and congratulations on becoming the newest community to join the ranks of something truly awe inspiring. We look forward to hearing from you all very soon! Interview by: XGN Empress VII of XS News Team
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  5. Mr. XGN on FGN’s joining the Xiled Movement: Xiled Syndicate has many different affiliates and sponsors to help not only the communities but ourselves as well. Many members don’t have the opportunity to meet the new community leaders or members so I had the honor and privilege to introduce the newest affiliate FGN who was brought to us not only by mr. XGN but also FGN FierceGod XS, the FGN founding father. So without further ado please join me and the news team as we introduce our newest affiliate through the words of our very own MR. XGN. XGN Empress VII - What prompted the affiliation? Mr XGN - “I had been noticing the things he was accomplishing on his own for some time and really for awhile I’ve been looking for a reason to touch base. I lost track where he went for a bit when he reached out to me through another project I had started called clan helper. Where we were finally able to have a conversation and put a lot of things to rest to discuss what opportunities that could come our way by us working together. I’ve known he was intelligent and feel that we share a vision. With our combined talents and communication I feel that we could go far.” XGN Empress VII - Who approached who first? Why? Mr XGN - “We’ve known each other for years but it wasn’t always under the best terms because of miscommunication. But now it feels kinda like destiny that our paths have crossed again.” XGN Empress VII - What are your goals for the future of XS and its affiliates? Mr XGN - “By communicating with our peers on both the inside and outside of XS we can remain on the same page and keep our members safe, collaborate on events and other activities which ultimately enhance the gaming community culture as a whole.” XGN Empress VII - What are your thoughts on FGN? Mr XGN - “Within the organization success starts with the head and I feel it would be difficult to find someone more determined and hungry for success than FGN Fierce God XS. Let it be known that nothing is going to take place that he hasn’t already done on his own. I’m just thankful to be part of his story. Moving forward the way I see it is we are partners for life and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him or his organization.” XGN Empress VII - What can we expect to see from FGN as a new affiliate? Mr XGN - “On the XS perspective: you can expect FGN participation in community wide events, LDP, and all other aspects of XS.” XGN Empress VII - Can we expect to see more FGN among our ranks? Mr XGN - “Definitely we will see them in our discord’s, websites and involved in all community related departments within XS. I want them to be treated like any other community under the XS umbrella even though they are currently affiliates we have every intention to continue to evolve that relationship and continue to grow together.” XGN Empress VII - Do you have any concerns about the alliance? Why or why not? Mr XGN - “My only concern is I know there are a lot of people that target anything positive and I know because of his relationship with me he could be under scrutiny. I hate the thought because of someone’s relationship with me that they become a target. However I know that the spirit of envy can only destroy it can never build.” XGN Empress VII - What do you hope to gain from FGN joining XS? Mr XGN - “As I said before he’s very knowledgeable person. Not only do I feel that we are going to have a good friendship and partnership but I find that everyone will come to find that he is an asset to what we are trying to accomplish within XS.” XGN Empress VII - Can we expect to see more communities being brought under the XS umbrella? Mr XGN - “Of course. We hope to expand as much as possible. While remaining sustainable in quality focus. We'll never take on more than we can handle. But personally to me the more the better.” XGN Empress VII - Are there any last thoughts/advice you’d like to leave with us? Mr XGN - “I hope that everyone inside of XS continues to be supportive towards all organizations and individuals that we bring into the XS family. Please treat all leaderships of all the organizations that make XS with the same respect they give me. For these are my peers and this is my family.” There you have it folks! Our very own MR. XGN’s words of introduction of the newest XS affiliate. So on behalf of all of XS I’d like to thank MR. XGN for sitting with us to introduce FGN FierceGod XS. We welcome you and all of FGN into our fold and hope to see more of you all in the future. We also hope to continue to help you, work alongside you and seeing you flourish. Welcome once again. Credits & Interview by - XGN Empress VII **All images and names are copyrighted and belong to respected owners
  6. Places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 4

    Do you have what it takes to be an official member of FGN? Do you like rank structure, achievement hunting, awards, forums, Gaming with fellow squad members, finding other gamers from a different community? Game Nights, Tournaments? If so then we ask that you fill out this app so we can see if you meet the requirements of what we are looking for. ****If you were already officially recruited by another FGN member, then please wait for the necessary steps to be fulfilled by us to get you in. If you are a returning FGN member and would like to rejoin, please go sign up on the Forums and go to our Rejoin section and follow the steps. PLEASE READ: DO NOT fill out this form if you’re already a member of FGN and have ranks or in an FGN division. This form is ONLY for “NEW” gamers who desire to become an official member of FGN and it's ranks. If you are a returning FGN Clan member, or ex-blacklisted from any community or ours, please CLICK HERE and fill out the proper form in the right area
  7. Welcome to the Community @MxMillions 


    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask

  8. We are loving it how all members content posted on the website gets auto pushed to all social media!








    I am happy to have worked hard at making sure that you don't have to stay on the website to be in the know 


    658147952_giphy(10).gif.6fe08bbf77835003be62e477067a5c4c.gif #WeAreFierce

  9. Project will expire in 18 years and 6 months

    You can now show your support by Donating to the Community of Fierce Gaming Network This will go towards keep adding new advanced features to our Community of FGN our monthly server fee that keeps the site up and running smoothly, fast, and security features. Raising Event Prizes for our FGN Clan Events Donation pool to be able to randomly donate to FGN members streams, Videos, Patreons, Bits, Subs Staff Payment plan (Directors & Up) Better Sponsorship benefits Competitive Gaming (Esports) Graphics & Designs New Jersey Designs New Merch designs (This will be for Clan part, we are planning to have each squad have a personal logo, and will be on Merch in our Merch Store) Member Hardships (Must show proof to be give Hardship Help, ***This has not started yet) Any FGN Clan member that Donates will be given a Donator role in the FGN Discord (All Donations go right back into the Community ASAP! Your Support is greatly appreciated no matter how small or big!)
  10. To see how this happens or to ask questions, please go here https://www.fierceteam.com/forums/forum/94-questions-about-gaming-groups/
  11. To see about getting Sponsored by Fierce Gaming Network, please go here https://fierceteam.us/sponsorship-info/
  12. Only send in the photo AFTER you have met ALL requirements.
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