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  1. @TheMightyChewBear Featured!
  2. Welcome fam! and glad to see you here in the Fierce Community
  3. We'd like to officially announce that Fierce Gaming Network is now proudly partnered with 15AFAME! @SteveCourtney79 Please welcome them to the Community!! Looking forward to the amazing support we can bring to each others community! #WeAreFierce #15AFAME
  4. Sry to intrude on your post, by god this right here fine tunes EXACTLY how a Battle request should be made Gonna use your Post as the primary example of how to request .....Hope you don't mind
  5. Update : Mandatory for your Battle to get posted and count for leaderboards Please only make one Game Request per Thread *****Meaning if you want to play, request, battle in multiple games, you will need to make a new thread request for each individual Game We will need some type of screenshot for each game ending score ( this is for looks on the thread, Battle cards, and to have the battle card scores reflect the actual winning (score)
  6. @DunkMasterDa vs @Not Logan in NBA 2K
  7. @DunkMasterDa vs @Not Logan in Brawlhalla
  8. Awesome job guys on the community/member engagement & Gaming,
  9. Update: To make things a little easier on me or future Mods that help, and for more battles to be able to take place that same day or hour or min, We have decided to make the Battle cards after we see in the Thread that a Battle/Battles are finished and results are shown
  10. I will work on the Battles Leaderboard tonight and tomorrow & award points to the winners......sry was a long day and i'm slacking lol



    Fixed the typo, lol - Sleep is calling me 😴

    1. DunkMasterDa


      Do not worry we all have a life outside of gaming and community we understand. Take your time we know you will get it done you've never let us down before. 

  11. Winner is @Not Logan for this awesome first Member Vs Member Battle!
  12. Awesome Job @Not Logan on the win!!
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