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  1. very well deserved. you do a lot for the community bro!
  2. ive continued using it today and it has won me games. im not super flashy all the time but make some really cool stuff happen on the map. deff for those who like game changing picks
  3. So a friend recommended Ivern as a Jungle character for me. AND then starts the conversation off by saying how Ivern does literally no damage, which is true. Where Ivern from my experience is a strong champion is that he is a roaming support who can clear camps extremely well. Ivern doesn't actually damage the camps, instead he marks them, and then can either use smite to immediately take them, or wait for the ring of his mark to fill up and just take the camp and gold with no fight whatsoever. This also means he can successfully steal camps from the enemy jungler extremely well in the early game. Essentially your goal is to build support items and keep teammates alive, starve the enemy jungler, and use your Q to root enemies for teammates. Daisy is also fairly effective at tanking turrets seeing as you can use your shield ability on her. All in all, a unique champion you should try if youre looking for something fun to play
  4. Your referral DunkmasterDa was added and on his profile bar your there too

  5. Hey Guys, A few members will be starting up streaming League of Legends so I encourage those of you who have a pc but have never played League of Legends to come out and check the streams out and heck, even join in! We are always looking to create more community based gaming events and our streamers are no exception! They love gaming with people and will be more than willing to include people in gaming. Just remember to be respectful and courteous of our streamers, and thank you for your support to these individuals
  6. Oh yeah man! For those of you reading this you will see me there frequently also
  7. Lol well it’s safe to say that I was deff surprised with this one XD
  8. Hey Guys, So to preface this build, I have played Morgana for 5 or so years. So I have a pretty good knowledge of how to play her. I have carried as a support, and I have also had games where I am a traditional support. Here is the build that I have found to best generate positive games and mirrors my playstyle: Abilities(General Descriptions): Q- Morgana's Stun, has a medium range and is very effective at locking down enemy targets. Can be used offensively or defensively. Lock down targets early game to bully people around in lane and get their health low so they have to back for health earlier than they want to. W- Morgana's Area of Effect pool, does more damage for the longer someone is inside it. Combo this with her stun first to get more damage off in the early game and also use this to zone out enemies who don't want to take damage sitting in the pool E- Morgana's Shield, this is a shield that will block any stun, snare, etc. and also blocks incoming magical damage for the threshold of the shield, and also for the duration of the shield as it does dissipate after about 3-5 seconds depending on level. R- Morgana's Ultimate ability, this can only be used while in close range of enemies, and you have to keep enemies within the radius of the circle that appears. Once the ultimate has channeled, then Morgana will deal a small amount of damage to all enemies within the radius, and also stun them. Items: Eye of the Watcher- support item that allows you to place vision and you can purchase a sweeper ward for your ward spot to put vision down and remove enemy vision. Zhonya's Hourglass- you can avoid damage when using your ult by activating the invulnerability active ability from hourglass. in addition this is just a generally useful item to stay alive and stall out fights as a support Rabadons Deathcap- High damage item Rylai's Crystal Scepter- Slows enemies when hit with a ability, this keeps enemies within the pool for longer to do more burn damage because the damage is multiplied by time spent in the Area of Effect Boots of Mobility- increased movement speed when out of combat and movement speed. use this to move around the map and be in position for teamfights Guardians Angel/Void Staff/Warmog's Armor- This is where it gets to preference. Guardians Angel allows you to come back to life and hit enemies a second time with abilites, or void staff for more damage in addition to the armor. Warmogs is also pretty good here for the health regeneration while out of combat Situational Stuff: You can swap out mobility boots for Sorcerer's shoes if you need to deal more damage, but you will be slower moving around the map Spirit Visage can be used instead of GA/Void Staff/Warmogs if you are facing a team that does a lot of magical damage Spells: Heal, Flash or Ignite, Flash work extremely well. If you are facing a stun heavy team you can also run Cleanse, Flash to be able to escape those a little better. Runes: Sorcery Runes Primary, Domination Runes Secondary Did you like this? Was this helpful? Leave a comment below and let me know
  9. How would you guys feel if I started posting some of my builds for my League of Legends Champions? I think that it will be helpful for those of you who are just starting to learn the Champions as I have been playing some of these guys for years
  10. Gonna be doing all the apps for official teams soon so if you haven't applied yet and are wanting to, take a look at the requirements and then I will be in touch. Gotta figure out how to view the apps lol

    1. Fierce God

      Fierce God

      Hover on menu tab Browse


      Let the dropdown appear and choose apply

      Everyone can see apply


      Official Fierce can only see Apply for Teams

  11. Welcome to Fierce Gaming Network. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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