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  1. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8KmWniWtM1Y6LcdlGRd8QA
  2. Sneak peek of upcoming Vlog location. 


  3. Gorgeous weather here in Myrtle Beach!! I can't wait to share my vlogs! 

  4. Me feeding some Koi fish #YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8KmWniWtM1Y6LcdlGRd8QA
  5. Sorry I have been MIA. Its been a crazy week, 7 cakes, science and Spanish exams, deathbin family ,niece graduates and next week is my daughter's sweet 16 birthday beach trip (a whole week in Myrtle Beach) ....yeah it's crazy

  6. One week until mine and Katelyn week long beach getaway⛱️🏖️🐚

    1. DunkMasterDa


      What beach are you going to? that sounds like an awesome getaway my fiance and I go up to lake Michigan were her family lives during the summer for a beach get away.

    2. Kimmie Cat

      Kimmie Cat

      We are going to Myrtle Beach. 

    3. DunkMasterDa


      My grandma before she passed went there every year it's a beautiful place i hope you have fun. 

  7. Cakes and cupcakes!!! 🎂🍰 That's what my weekend is all about!!  Super busy today at the bakery. 

  8. No upload today. I am thinking about doing less videos, my views have dropped ☹️ sometimes I wonder if my time on YouTube is just coming to an end

    1. Fierce| AlmightyParadigm

      Fierce| AlmightyParadigm

      Currently, 2-4 videos a week has been the popular trend, depending on content. As a gaming youtuber, typically youre looking at wanting to do 1-2 a week of gameplay and maybe 1-2 more of maybe a new game you got, Q&A, etc. Most people have a lot of content creators that they watch, and sometimes they don't always have time for every video. so the few you upload grab their attention. additionally are you putting just as much time into your search engine optimization? EX: Thumbnails, keywords, titling, etc? also, generating 1-2 playlists per month is recommended for viewership and SEO. theres a lot more things to consider besides that, but those are just the basics

  9. I took that Ancestry DNA test and the results literally shook my whole family! Lol that video coming end of this week 

    1. Fierce God

      Fierce God

      Oh snap!!!! Can't wait to find out what's up and the scoop on who you related to!

  10. So excited for May 13!! Why? Cuz me and my daughter Katelyn are going to Myrtle Beach for a week!! She turns 16!!

  11. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8KmWniWtM1Y6LcdlGRd8QA
  12. It's actually one of my favorite mobile games
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