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  1. I won the games of NBA 2K playground
  2. So we are actually playing 3 games 1st was rocket league and @Not Logan won the 2nd game was Brawlhalla and @Not Logan won sorry I did not get a screenshot of that. The third we are gearing up, for now, is NBA 2k playground and I'll post the winner and once the videos are edited they will be posted as well.
  3. I'll send it to you via Discord
  4. @Not Logan has been challenged to a game of rocket league by @DunkMasterDa. The game will happen tonight at 6 pm and videos will be posted here and on youtube. Stay tuned to see who wins.
  5. It was great spending time with you in my stream today! Great conversation and such a welcoming, friendly vibe! Thank you for bringing that to my channel. I also checked out your archived streams and look forward to popping in while you are live! Have a great week!

    1. DunkMasterDa


      I will thank you and there was a great conversation I already found artwork I want to buy for my man cave when it's done. If you are on tomorrow I will make sure to give a big shoutout on twitter 😃  I forgot today because I was so busy chatting and watching. 

    2. Vegan Gaymer

      Vegan Gaymer

      Aww, no worries. I love when people promote each other, but it's also all about the social element for me. I'm glad you found yourself just chatting and enjoying the conversation! That's what it's all about.

      PS - you have a new subscriber to your Twitch channel!

  6. Monday, May 27th @Fierce| AlmightyParadigm and I will be hosting our second League of Legends tournament the event will kick off at 6 pm EST and will be live streamed via Twitch. Depending on people we may give away more prizes but the top 3 competitors will be guaranteed prizes. To join just message either of us and if you want we will invite you to a Discord where everyone can chat and talk about the competition. 

  7. Since I've hit my goal of 75 followers It's time to do my $20 giveaway. All you have to do is make sure you are following me on Twitch and watching Tuesday at 9pm EST 

  8. There are times when I feel like I have nothing to play but that's just because I'm not in the mood. I have a bad habit of being stingy when it comes to games or I pick it up to play it for a day and drop it. So I feel like I wasted my money, in reality, I did not I should just play that. Recently though I've not had that feeling since I have little time to game there is always something I want to play or progress in.
  9. Going live in 10 Mins


  10. Bronana my brother and I were dropping in apex and this happened on my screen. My face is pretty priceless right before I screamed why are we having an orgy?
  11. Yeah even though it was not perfect it still was I put so many hours in and getting a Nuke was so satisfying
  12. I think Prodege is right they feel pressured to release games though they shouldn't Square Enix takes its sweet time releasing games and though it sucks they make quality games IMO. I feel companies are money hungry only giving you part of a game and making you either buy the rest or get them through loot boxes you can conveniently buy. The major ones I can think of are Blizzard/Activision and Bethesda there are probably more my friend just complains about those two the most.
  13. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 because it was the first online game I played and I remember missing so much sleep and school to get the achievements. I miss cussing like a sailor being 17 and not afraid to say anything offensive and the lobby just laughing and talking mad shit in between rounds. I feel like nowadays All my IRL friends grew up and got lives while I've made many more friends it will never replace that getting out of school and going in the next day rocking the clan tag and talking KDA with everyone.
  14. Going live in 5 


    1. Fierce God

      Fierce God

      Have a awesome stream Fam

  15. I'm sorry everyone I am very sick today and will not be able to stream. I was hoping with enough rest I would be able too but I was wrong. Hopefully, by tomorrow everything will be better. 

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