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  1. Hey Hey everyone hope all your weekend,s going well and what games have you been playing this weekend 

  2. I feel lot do and get pulled into due to bigger company have the money to market there products more but a lot are only half finished games or been changed to much when they haven,t need to be change to much at all, plus really just more content added to the game to keep the game going.
  3. Welcome @Red Panda hope you have a awesome time here
  4. my favourites Leonardo DiCaprio, samuel L jackson, robin Williams, gerrard butler, heath ledger these are just some l have so many more tho lol love my movies
  5. Call of duty 4 on pc or at least the scene back to the way it was l was so sad when it died l would play for like 8-10 hours a day on the game
  6. Thank you and they are very good not cheap tho but thank you for checking it out
  7. A short review of my main earphones for music so glad l was able to find them
  8. yayaaa congrats dude
  9. thank you so much for the warm welcomes
  10. Hey Hey Everyone l am obzyer but most call me clay since its easier l love getting to know new people to become friends with and l love helping streamers and content creators the best l can to spread awareness about there channel or the content there putting out and l love to game and watch movies and just generally up for a good laugh and hanging out really. l have a pc and a ps4 which l game on mostly
  11. If you need to add social info, look in 

    either these two places


    1. Banner on profile, click Social Info and edit

    2. User menu - Social Info and edit

  12. Welcome aboard, and hope you enjoy and grow with us!

    1. obzyer


      thank you so much for the warm welcome didn't expect this response straight away loving it already

  13. Welcome obzyer


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