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    Welcome to Fierce Gaming Network: A Structured Organized Gaming Community


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    If you would like to join our Official FGN Organization,

    Then please take a look at our Handbook, then come back to Apply!

    We are Proud to be apart of the Xiled Syndicate Coalition


  1. Apply to Join FGN Clan Ops

    Do you have what it takes to be an official member of FGN Clan Ops?? Do you like rank structure, achievement hunting, awards, forums, Gaming with fellow squad members, finding other gamers from different communities inside the Xiled Syndicate Coalition? Game Nights, Tournaments? If so then we ask that you fill out this app so we can see if you meet the requirements of what we are looking for. 
    ****If you were already officially recruited by another FGN member, then please wait for the necessary steps to be fulfilled by us to get you in. If you are a returning FGN member and would like to rejoin, please go sign up on the Forums and go to our Rejoin section and follow the steps. 
    PLEASE READ: DO NOT fill out this form if you’re already a member of FGN and have ranks or in an FGN division. This form is ONLY for “NEW” gamers who desire to become an official member of FGN and it's ranks.
    If you are a returning FGN Clan member, or ex-blacklisted from any community or ours, please CLICK HERE and fill out the proper form in the right area

    Position: Apply to Join FGN

    Number of places: Unlimited

    Applicants: 4


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