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  1. The Best,Best,Best...

    Easily the best supportive Multi-Platform Website Gaming Community out there,been a member for some time now,we went thru transition from a small generic site into a awesome Gaming Community,and its keep on getting better and better,owner and stuff keep on working on new stuff and additions all the time,and thats why i like it so much,"support is real in this one"I m not much of a talker so think this is all,obv. 5 stars is a gtd from mekeep up the good work and #WeAreFearce

    Submitted by bfgaming77 in Website Community Reviews
  2. Words from the Founder & Sole Owner

    I made sure to have our Community Open to the public. That means the public is not FORCED to make a profile just to see the inside, and also gives a true chance for ALL members to get a FAIR chance at being seen, promoted, supported, and featured on their own, just by us being a PUBLIC website.


    With that said, i know we have some things that cost actual money, BUT that doesn't take away from what is honestly going on here inside the Community, Website, and with member activity. 


    Plz read our CoC - https://www.fierceteam.com/code-of-conduct/  - as this will show and prove that we are not about the money, we keep core values the same as back in 2016 when we were first established, we have member incentives that are free to get, and have some incentives that can be beneficial by obtaining a subscription. You will NEVER see us put more focus on things that cost more than member support, activeness and core values.


    To be honest, the way i promote and advertise every piece of content, and website in general, just by signing up and becoming active, you actually are already featured, your streams viewed more, videos have support and views, and much more (Any paid feature is just a added bonus and NOT needed)


    We help all members grow, support, network, gain, achieve, and push, EQUALLY, no member is better than the next, and we will continue this five to ten years from now, no matter how big we get!


    I stand by this, and support all words said above, and as a former regular community member, and now a Founder, you can hold me to this till the day i depart from the Gamer world!


    #WeAreFierce #StayFierce 100%% 

    Words from the Founder & Owner
    Submitted by Fierce God in Website Community Reviews
  3. Community Family

    Fierce Gaming Network is my first gaming network and will probably be my only gaming network. When I came into Fierce I was looking for people to watch my stream and support my goals. I was approached by AlmightyParadigm and he told me all about what FGN was looking for in a streamer and a person and asked if that was alright. I agreed and became a member, I did not realize then when i know now I was not just joining a community but a Family of gamers and like minded individuals. I've learned that being selfish was not going to get me the support I was looking for but building others up in turn would build myself up. I reached Affiliate in just a few month with the help of FGN and everybody in it and have watched others grow and reach there goals as well. In the end you get what you put in and even though we are small we all push each other towards our goals and beyond with the small amount of active members. So if you are just looking for a community looks somewhere else but if you are looking for a family welcome home. #wearefierce #bleedfierce 

    Submitted by DunkMasterDa in Website Community Reviews
  4. Supportive & Helpful

    So glad i found this Community! It is a actual Community and not just about streamers and YouTube. You get a warm welcome and i can see that the owner and staff are really trying to improve on every part of the site to better help members as a Community Team (is that a word? Well it is now!) They have have taught me a lot in just the short amount of time i have been here. I am shy, but i do know and can tell anyone, that they don't judge, welcome all walks of the Gamer life! and i appreciate that as a person and community member.

    Beast From The East
    Submitted by Beast From The East in Website Community Reviews
  5. Best Website "Community" By Far!

    This is one of the better Gaming Communities I have seen in a long time. I especially like it that, even though they have Live Streams, and Videos here (which can get more viewers, followers, subs & More!) They don't make it seem like that is the primary focus or use it as a way to gain member sign ups. They do their own advertising, and don't ask for much even though they are constantly updating and adding more features to get gamers more active as a "COMMUNITY". I will never go anywhere else, no matter what they offer, I believe this place has meaning behind member activeness and is not just trying to get number inflation, or get members to spend money like most other sites are that put claim to "Networking" or "Working Together".

    Thank you Fierce for all you do for the members and the Gaming Community in whole, you have taught me true value in what it means to be a community, then after have helped me achieve goals and given me the chance to help others. #Fierce4Life

    Submitted by Wulfpack in Website Community Reviews
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